Reserved Seating Info


Why Reserved Seating?

  • Convenient! Purchase tickets ahead of time via your Smartphone, Computer, or in person and know EXACTLY what seat you will have.
  • No need to arrive early and camp out to ensure a good seat!
  • Spreading out your personal belongings across seats you’re saving for family or friends is a thing of the past.
  • Yelm Cinemas ushers are available every showing to help you to your seat.




Reserved Seating FAQ


  • Are all 8 theaters reserved seating?

Yes – All auditoriums feature reserved seating in our premium recliners.

  • Do I have to reserve my seat?

Yes – We only offer the reserved seating option.

  • How can I see what seat I am getting?

When you purchase your tickets via Smartphone, Computer, or in person, you will be prompted with a seating diagram that show the entire auditorium complete with seat numbers.  Simply select any available seat and complete your purchase.

  • Once I arrive at the theater how do I locate my seat?

Easy! Just present your ticket to the ticket taker as you arrive.  They will tell you which theater you are headed to.  Once inside the theater you will see illuminated Row indicators designating the Aisles.  (A, B, C, ect)  Once you locate the Aisle your seat is in simply find your seat number using the numbers on the floor.  If you are unsure, any member of the Yelm Cinemas staff would be happy to usher you to your seat.