Loyalty Rewards

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  • Earn points you can use towards concessions and tickets!
  • Receive showtimes, special events and deals 
  • Two easy ways to sign up:
    • Download our FREE mobile app, check the Thank You club option and follow the steps to sign up!
    • Ask any member of the Yelm Cinemas crew when you visit the theater!


Check your rewards card balance:


This card may be used as a gift certificate, a prepaid ticket/concession card and/or as a THANK YOU Club card. As a gift/prepaid card, your purchased amount ($10.00 min.) is added to the card and deducted when used to buy tickets/concessions. The balance may be replenished. Change may be given when balance is below $5.00. Our THANK YOU rewards program puts points on the card when presented for ticket/concessions purchases. You must register to earn points. There is no cash value for the points or rewards.

Any points will expire and any dollar value will be assessed a $1.00 per month inactivity fee (if below $5.00) after 24 months of non-use. Lost cards may be replaced only if registered.